High Kick in Peru ❤

I just came back from teen top’s concert. I have no words to express the happiness I feel right now. They were everything I expected and more. Babies are amazing performers, they are just so playful 😭 My favorite part was when CAP started jumping in a very funny way during crazy, chunji laughed at him and then did the same, then l.joe and niel joined them. It was precious ❤ Every part of my body hurts now but it was totally worth it. This won’t be the last time I see them live, I don’t know what I’ll do but I’ll see them again someday 😍

[UPDATED] to do list ☆

✓ 9 gifs of Chunjoe
✓ 9 photos of Ljoe Smirking
✓ Teen Top thrusting/fighting photoset in TT’s 100% popularity (working)
✓ L.Joe’s jawline appreciation post

✓ Niel eyeliner appreciation post 
✓ Changjo making heart shapes
✓ TOP brothers squab dance
✓ Ricky’s favorite scenes in Seo Taiji - Human Dream MV
✓ 9 gifs of abusive L.joe
✓ 9/6 gifs of babo chunji

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Ricky's favorite scenes in Seo Taiji - Human Dream MV. pls ;v;