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[UPDATED] to do list ☆

✓ 9 photos/gifs of L. Joe
✓ 9 photos of changjo
✓ 6/9 photos/gifs of LJoe aeygo
✓ 9 photos/gifs of chunji
✓ 9 gifs of chunji  
✓ 9 gifs of Minsoo
✓ 9 gifs of Ricky 1 2 3
✓ 9 gifs of nieljoe
✓ 9 photos of l. joe lips appreciation post
✓ Niel & Sanghoon - Clap & Supa Luv
✓ Teen Top eating 
✓ 9 photos of L.Joe with shades
✓ 9 photos of Ricky’s bulge legs (sorry ;;) 
✓ Niel supa luv appreciation post
✓ 6/9 photos of Ricky’s smile  
✓ 5 gifs of 4D Changjo   
✓ 6/9 photos/gifs of Chunji in glasses
✓ L.Joe’s Duck Face Appreciation post
✓ C.A.P’s tattoo’s appreciation post 
✓ 9 photos/gifs of L.Joe
✓ 6/9 photos of C.A.P 
✓ Changjo’s lips appreciation post 
Changjo’s smile/laugh appreciation post 
✓ 9 photos of L. Joe’s different hairstyles
✓ 9 Photos of L.joe’s Purple Hair
✓ Changjo’s bbuing bbuing from egg song  
✓ Teen Top jawline appreciation post 
✓ lips appreciation post 
✓ 9 photos/gifs of Chunji’s hands 
✓ L.Joe’s moles appreciation post 
✓ Ricky’s eyebrows & lips appreciation post 
✓ Gifs/photos of Rickjoe 
✓ Changjo NMPOY era photoset 
✓ Collection of their dance practices 
✓9 photos of LJoe with his shades 
✓ Chunji’s bulge appreciation post (;A;) 
✓ Best selcas of Changjo 
✓ gif set of teen top with kids 

✓ 9 gifs of Chunjoe
✓ 9 photos of Ljoe Smirking
✓ Teen Top thrusting/fighting photoset in TT’s 100% popularity (working)
✓ L.Joe’s jawline appreciation post

✓ Niel eyeliner appreciation post 
✓ Changjo making heart shapes
✓ TOP brothers squab dance
✓ Ricky’s favorite scenes in Seo Taiji - Human Dream MV
✓ 9 gifs of abusive L.joe
✓ 9/6 gifs of babo chunji

just so you guys now that we got your messages (✿◠‿◠) 

cheongster said:
Ricky's favorite scenes in Seo Taiji - Human Dream MV. pls ;v;

 Ricky’s favorite scenes in Human Dream MV requested by cheongster
Anonymous said:
Hi. I am the one who requested you to make 9/6 gifs of babo chunji. I didn't see this on your new list, so I thought you might forget. Anyway, I've requested a few things from you and all of them are already done except this one. Maybe it's a difficult task. So, if this one is difficult, let me request 9/6 gifs of chunji being cute instead. ^^

Hi. I’m sorry I didnt add it, I will as soon as I can get into a computer. It’s not that is hard but my laptop broke and I haven’t been able to get a new one :/ on top of that I lost all my video and image files that I had of teen top since Transform era ; A ;
Anyways if you want me to do one of them or both let me know so I can schedule a day to borrow a laptop and get it done :3 (my vacations are in like one week soo I’ll be able to do it ^^)
Again I’m sorry I didnt add your request, I’ll do it asap~ ♡



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