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minsoocap said:
Hola :) Perdona la molestia. Pero leí tu comentario sobre los incidentes que ocurrieron en algunos conciertos de Teen Top en su gira. Podrías decirme qué fue lo que ocurrió? Me quedé preocupada por los muchachos :(

Hola~ no es ninguna molestia~

Los incidentes son los siguientes:

  • Los abrazaron sin su permiso, y algunas personas los insultaron por no querer abrazarlos.
  • Los seguian en el hotel, a los chicos les dio miedo hasta de salir de los cuartos donde se hospedaban. No tenian privacidad.
  • Los tocaron sin su permiso, en partes en las cuales nadie deberia ser tocado. Los empujaron.
  • Les tiraron un condon … de veras espero que esto sea mentira …

Bueno son cosas que moralmente nadie deberia hacerle a nadie … y es una manera horrible de demostrarle a alguien tu amor/afecto … disculpa por mi horrible spanish (lo estoy perdiendo ;A;) … (a Niel le paso la mayoria de estas cosas …)

Long story short …

Angels … the recent events … left me wishing that I really had a time machine and a wand to fix everything up. I might sound harsh or extreme but I don’t think words can fix what has been done, because actions speak louder than words. 

I’m just going to state the truth. I hate lies and I can’t cover the truth with fluffy teddy bears and roses, the truth is how it is. It’s a sad reality but it’s reality. If you don’t agree or like it … #Deal

Even if I, let’s put myself as an example, have been an Angel since Transform era … I have to realize that I might love them with every fiber of my heart but … 1. They don’t personally know me  2. We are complete strangers  3. They are human beings  4. We are strangers to each other.

Imagine you are walking with your friends. Suddenly a man/woman that you have never seen in your life approaches you, screams “omg I love you so much” and proceeds to hug you/touch you without your permission. Just imagine how uncomfortable you would feel. 

Imagine you walk out of your house just to find a group of man/woman in front of your house. They proceed to approach you and show their ‘love’ towards you by hugging you/touching you without your permission. Uncomfortable, you would probably run back inside and lock everything up.

I feel really sorry for all those Angels that couldn’t attend and that in the future they might not be able to meet them up close through a fan meeting or hi-touch because of the events that took place. I’m truly sorry.

I won’t touch the subject anymore … those certain people that are responsible for all those negative events. I hope you realize what you have done. I hope you realize how immature and not-thoughtful your actions were. I’m not gonna lie … me gustaria que se fueran del fandom pero eso ya es decision propia y yo no soy la ley.

To the rest of the Angel family … we gotta think of someway of making-up for the sake of the reputation of international-angels … like I said before, actions speak louder than words. We have to brainstorm. Our fandom is called Angel … we represent our six boys … and we spread the love … we better works our butts off to send them food or smth idk.